Dagne Dover Is Deeply Discounted at Nordstrom Right Now


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It took me 28 years to find the perfect bag. 28 years of back-breaking backpacks, shoulder-swaying totes, and key-swallowing purses to find the perfectly perfect, never-leave-home-without it, barely-know-it’s-there bag of my dreams. But I did it. And I’m happy to announce it’s on super sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, happening now through July 31.

The bag, you ask? It’s the Dagne Dover Nova Sling Bag ($97), the sustainable (and back ache-avoiding) solution that follows me everywhere I go. Errands, nail appointments, road trips home, hikes, even paddle boarding—you name it, and you’ll find this super sling bag in tow, keeping my most valuable personal items safe and sound while leaving my hands-free for other activities.

There’s so much I love about this pretty bag, it’s hard to choose where to start. I’ll begin with the obvious: the style. The Nova is a sling bag, meaning it’s designed to swing up and over your shoulders, resting lightly on your back and out of the way. If a fanny pack and a backpack had a baby, it would be this bag, blending the best of both signature styles into one, lightweight, hands-free purse that’s big enough to store all your stuff without weighing you down.

That brings me to my second point—the storage. This bad boy is loaded with pockets and places to organize all your things so nothing gets lost. The exterior sports two large mesh cinch pockets where I like to keep items  I need easy access to (Airpods, lip balm, etc.), as well as an exterior phone pocket and a six loops on the strap that come in handy when you need to tie it down to adventure gear, like paddle boards or bikes.

Then the inside offers a whole new world of organization, packing a ton of storage into a deceivingly small space. There are pockets for your phone, pockets for your water bottles, and pockets for your snacks. Zipped pockets to hide things like cash and identification, velcro pockets for stashing other valuables you want to keep in place. Plus—and this one of my favorite features—a key leash you can hook your keys onto so they never get lost again. Priceless!

Photo: Dagne Dover

And, of course, there are the materials. Dagne Dover swapped its traditional, not-so-Earth-friendly neoprene for 100 percent recycled materials, including the bag itself (recycled polyester made from water bottles) and the cinch cording. Turns out, recycled water bottles make a deeply durable fabric that cleans like a breeze. And, while it’s not advertised as water-repellant, I do take mine with me out on the lake and have been so impressed by how dry it keeps my stuff from stray splashes. But again, it’s not waterproof or technically even water-repellant, so use it around H2O at your own risk.

Suffice to say, the Nova Sling Bag has convinced me the perfect bag does exist—and it’s on sale, right now, at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Currently, only one color—the delicate Rose Quartz—is discounted down to just $97. Other exclusive styles, like the Ace Water Resistant Belt Bag ($60) and the Medium Dakota Backpack ($123) are on sale at Nordy, too, all in a gorgeous clay (“Coyote”) colorway. However, Dagne Dover is coincidentally throwing its own Summer Sale, where you can snag up to 25 percent off the 2022 collection, which includes limited-edition colors like bright violet, cherry Goji, and a zesty purple zebra print.

Wherever you decide to score you deal, just do it fast. Purses are flying off the virtual shelves, and knowing how good the Nova is, it won’t last for long. Take a load off and get yours before it’s too late. Shop here. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.