Are Those Lululemon’s Worth It? The Health Benefits Of Performance Wear


The pandemic kept everyone at home and away from their community gym, but that didn’t stop athleisure clothes from skyrocketing in popularity. Data shows that activewear purchases have increased by 84% since 2020, so you may want to join the latest fashion trend.

In addition to looking great, you could experience these health benefits of performance wear by dressing in athletic clothing while working out. Stay comfortable on the couch and in the gym. Your mind and body will thank you later.

1. Sports Bras Reduce Breast Discomfort

Anyone with breasts knows how they can become a significant source of pain while working out. They tug uncomfortably while running and add strain to your breast tissue. Afterward, your chest may be sore for the next few days, even if you didn’t work out your pectoral muscles.

Sports bras compress breasts to minimize discomfort and post-workout pain. You’ll feel more supported during whatever type of workout you prefer, ultimately getting more enjoyment from your exercise. It doesn’t hurt that they also come in various styles that you can match to your preferred aesthetic.

2. Ventilated Fabric Reduces Heat Buildup

Ventilation creates one of the best health benefits of performance wear. Athleisure clothing often features ventilation in the fabric to eliminate heat retention. If you wore ordinary cotton or synthetic materials while working out, you’d risk overheating and passing out because your body temperature would get too high. Any performance wear that advertises fabric breathability will be an investment in protecting your health.

3. Proper Shoes Support Your Arches

You might not think about the arches in your feet until they start aching. Some running shoes include arch support to minimize foot and lower leg pain when you need to stand for long periods. Others focus more on style than support.

Activewear accessories like shoes must protect your health like anything else you’d use in the gym. Find replacements if you have constant foot pain or your podiatrist recommends a specific type of shoe for your feet.

4. Compression Fabric Improves Circulation

You may have noticed some athleisure clothes with compression fabric. Some clothing lines use it for sleeves or leggings to improve circulation to specific muscle groups. When your blood flows directly to compressed muscles, it increases how much oxygen they get and reduces lactic acid buildup that keeps your muscle tissue from healing after working out.

5. Outdoor Clothes Have UV Protection

Many sports happen outdoors, like running, playing tennis or competing in a soccer game. Companies supporting athletes often add ultraviolet (UV) light protection to their fabrics with unbleached cotton or polyester fibers. By absorbing or reflecting UV rays, the clothes will keep you from developing sunburns and increasing your risk of skin cancer.

This is also a significant health benefit of performance wear for people in cold climates. You may not worry about sunburns if you’re jogging in cold weather, but sunlight can still seep through your hats and winter clothes if they don’t have the UV protection offered by athleisure wear.

6. Moisture-Wicking Fabric Reduces Skin Inflammation

There’s no way to avoid sweating while working out. It’s a positive sign that your body is processing toxins and cooling itself. At the same time, the excess moisture can become trapped under waistbands, sports bras and other tight clothing.

Sweat buildup combined with materials rubbing against your skin can result in inflammation or rashes. Performance wear often utilizes moisture-wicking fabric to keep that from happening. You can invest in your health and comfort by helping your skin with clothes designed for working out.

7. Form-Fitting Clothes Improve Your Technique

What do you usually grab from your closet when you’re about to go for a jog or work out at home? If you prefer a baggy shirt and loose shorts, that could harm your technique.

You may compensate for the extra fabric by holding your body in a way that hurts your posture. Proper technique is the key to remaining safe during any workout. Form-fitting clothing won’t get in the way while you conquer your fitness goals.

8. Performance Wear Boosts Your Confidence

Your physical health is important, but so is your mental health. Your performance wear should make you feel confident in your abilities and body. Hiding behind loose clothing or worn-out athleisure outfits may not boost your confidence in the way you deserve. New performance wear will remind you how much your body is capable of and how you can do anything you decide to do.

Discover The Health Benefits Of Performance Wear

The health benefits of performance wear may surprise even the most dedicated workout partners. Upgrading your wardrobe is worth every penny because you’re investing in your physical and mental health. Help your body stay cool, circulate oxygen and support your muscles by getting clothes that make you look and feel as extraordinary as you are.