A 10-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout for All Levels


Pilates is sort of a stealthy exercise modality. Even though there are no plyometrics or sprints in sight—it can really put your muscles and lungs to the test. This is especially true of cardio Pilates workouts. While a typical class focuses on slow, controlled movements that aim to strengthen your entire body in one fell swoop, a cardio-based Pilates workout packs an even stronger punch with faster movements that require more effort than usual. Even though it sounds hard, it’s also a whole lot of fun.

If you’re in the mood raise your heart rate, this recent episode of Good Moves with Chloe De Winter (founder of Go With Chlo Pilates) and East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer offers a cardio-based routine that may just change your perception about what’s possible in a Pilates class.

De Winter introduces the workout by sharing that viewers will be doing a total of 10 Pilates exercises in 10 minutes. So if you’re looking for a workout that’s varied and vigourous— you’re absolutely in the right place. Not only are the moves super different from each other, it also goes by in a flash.

You can expect to start out by side lunging left and right to open up your hips and inner thighs because De Winter wants to get you limber and ready for more challenging moves to come. From there, you’ll move on to more dynamic movements—even a deconstructed burpee that is much kinder to your joints. The workout slows down with easier exercises at the end to allow your heart rate to return to normal.

If you’re ready to sweat, grab a mat and press play on this fun, cardio Pilates workout.